Well now, hasn't this fella come along way from his Mullingar days? T'was far from a Royal Box he was reared! Okay, that's all the aul one comments out of the way. But seriously, what?

Niall was propped up there directly behind President Michael D and Sabina, almost like they were his mammy and daddy. Wait... are they? The President must certainly have a soft spot for him anyways. Not saying the fella hasn't done well for himself, but of all the very many talented and prestigious Irish folk that were there last night, Niall Horan in the Royal Box seemed... an odd choice.

The event was to mark the penultimate day of Michael D Higgin's historical State visit, and besides all our Horan queries, it really was a spectacular affair to watch. It featured performances from some of Ireland's greatest talents including Imelda May, Elvis Costello, Paul Brady, Glen Hansard, Lisa Hannigan, Eimear Quinn, The Gloaming, Villagers Conor O'Brien, as well as poems read by Joseph O'Connor, actress Fiona Shaw and a lovely speech by journalist Olivia O' Leary.

The President himself took to the stage at the end of the event and also delivered some inspiring words; "This celebration, above all, is for the thousands of Irish people in this Hall who have made Britain their home or whose parents or grandparents did, as well as the friends, neighbours, relatives and in-laws, they have brought along," he said.

"I thank you most sincerely for the fidelity you have shown to Ireland over many years; for the contribution you have made to the development of Britain; and for your part in the consolidation of an enduring friendship between our two countries. You remain a cherished member of the Irish family,"

The whole show itself was hosted by Dermot O'Leary, who is a child of Irish parents himself, and the event really had some spine-tingling moments. At one point, Glen Hansard and the gang of singers had the whole of the Royal Albert Hall standing up and singing The Auld Triangle. Truly the stuff of history books.

But seriously... WHAT was Niall Horan doing in the Royal Box?! Answers on a postcard please.