Home and Away fans out there know that long before Chris Hemsworth was wowing the world with his superhero skills as Thor, he was wowing the residents of Summer Bay as heart throb Kim Hyde.

Hemsworth was on the soap from 2004-2007, and last we saw of him he sailed off into the sunset (or 'the city' as they call it) to be with his bestie Kit and their new baby. Since then, Hemsworth has been seen in Hollywood blockbusters Thor and the Avengers movies.

However, he has now returned to where it all began for a brief cameo, where he will appear as an EXTRA! It seems the actor has not been written into the script but was just stopping by the set to say hi, and couldn't resist making an appearance on camera.

Check out the pic below...

The scenes were filmed back in November, and when actress Jessica Grace-Smith [Denny Miller] put up a photo with him on instagram, we did wonder whether he was there for any on-screen appearances.

Unfortunately though, while the scenes will be shown in Australia this week, we will have to wait a little longer over here. Unless of course the power of the internet prevails and someone gets video of the blink-and-you'll-miss-it cameo up online.

In the meantime, here he is back in his glory days as Kim. This was... ehh, the only pic we could find.