Looks like Baz Ashmawy and his mammy Nancy may just be about to do the impossible and break America. Their hit show which aired here on Sky last year proved hugely successful, and has been picked up all over the world.

We spoke to Baz recently about the success of the series who said that 'nobody could have foreseen' how big it would become.

The show, which sees Baz bringing his seventy year old mother Nancy all around the world trying to find ways to 'kill her' (ah but not really though), includes the pair doing sky dives, racing through desserts, snake charming and everything else you can think of.

50 Ways to Kill Your Mother (as it's called there) aired for the first time stateside on Discovery last night, and below you can see the mother/son duo taking over the cover of TV Weekly.

Fair play to them!

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Interview: 50 Ways to Kill Your Mammy, we meet Baz and his badass Irish ma Nancy