It was the show we all kind of got a little bit addicted to at some point. Okay FINE, we were closet hardcore fans, but sure who didn't find themselves drawn into all that teen angst of the kids of One Tree Hill.

We kind of lost out on it a bit when they all became grown-ups having kids and whatnot but it managed to secure a loyal enough following for nine seasons, which is a hell of a lot considering The OC was dropped after four and 90210 just managed to reach five seasons.

Anyways, enough of justifying why we are losers and onto why Chad Michael Murray is on the show's famous bridge.

There he is now. Lookin' well.


Who's bridge? OUR BRIDGE! Wonder how many ðŸÂÂ?€ have accidentally bounced off & are living down below... #OTH

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The actor was in Wilmington, North Carolina for EyeCon’s sixth annual Return to Tree Hill Convention, with fellow cast members James Lafferty, Lee Norris, Antwon Tanner, Stephen Colletti, Barry Corbin, Robbie Jones, and Bevin Prince also attending.