With late-night talk shows across the globe attempting to rejig their methods to ensure they're maintaining social distancing and so on, the upswing is we're seeing into the houses of famous people.

For some, it's revealed unusual but delightful pets around the place - for example, Arnold Schwarzenegger's pet miniature horse and donkey, Whiskey and Lulu. For Phoebe Waller-Bridge, however, it's a big wall of dicks she keeps in her house. And no, it's not pictures of her ex-boyfriends.

Yes, that's a line so good we put in this article twice. Deal with it. Anyway, Waller-Bridge was on last night's 'Graham Norton' to promote the third season of 'Killing Eve' and, sure enough, ended up talking 'Fleabag'. More specifically, Norton asked about the wall of dicks from the series.

"A couple of months ago, when we put it there, it'd be temporary," Waller-Bridge explains, but then like everything else when you put it down in your house, you forget it's there and it just becomes part of the furniture. Even when it's twelve human-sized dicks on a wall.

The best part, however, comes from a story from a very open-minded delivery man who happened to be bringing something into her house when he clocked the cocks.

Take a look.