Last night's 'SNL' saw Dan Levy as guest host introducing his dad in a glass box and Phoebe Bridgers ending one of her song performances by smashing the shit out of an electric guitar.

All in all, a pretty standard 'SNL'. The song, oddly enough, was 'I Know The End Is Near' - but who could have guessed that she was talking about her destruction of a guitar and not some other, less specific ending?

In true rock fashion, the song ended with plenty of craziness before Bridgers took the guitar off and begun swinging it at a monitor placed before her, getting a good few digs at it before she gave up and walked off the set.

Fair dues to Phoebe Bridgers, she pretty much f*cked that guitar up good and proper and gave the monitor a nice kick while she was at it. Some good clean fun, basically.

Here's the full song, but skip to the end to see the guitar destruction if that's what you're here for.

Needless to say, said guitar destruction caught a lot of people's attention on Twitter. Here's some of the best tweets about we've seen so far.