Philip Schofield has managed to complete a whopping 24 hours of live broadcasting, and it looked like it wasn't even a bother to him in the slightest. What a pro.

The presenter was raising money for the Text Santa charity appeal which is an initiative set up in 2011 by ITV to support UK charities during the Christmas period. Plenty of stars are getting involved with even George Clooney making an appearance on Downton Abbey.

Starting at 11am yesterday, Schofield's 24 hour stint consisted of an interview with the Prime Minister David Cameron, an abseil down the ITV towers in London as well as taking part in a Bushtucker challenge via webcam on I'm a Celebrity. He was even an honorary member of the Loose Women team.


The Good Morning presenter worked all through the night even during ad breaks when viewers could log onto the ITV website to see what was going on. He even cleaned his teeth on air and shaved while being sung to by a barbershop quartet.

His mum and his wife arrived as he finished the challenge with Philip describing it as ‘an amazing 24 hours' once he was done, saying that he felt terrific going on to say; "Do you know, I'm more emotional that we've pulled together as a big old team."

We can only hope he has gone for one hell of a well-deserved long kip now, hats off to you Schofield!