When you think of Irish rock music, there's a few names that may come to mind but one name that will feature in any conversation is undoubtedly Phil Lynott.

Whether it's his work with Thin Lizzy or his solo accomplishments, the influence Phil Lynott has had on homegrown music hasn't subsided in the three decades since his passing. If anything, the fact that more and more people are coming to discover his work means he'll never be forgotten.

Yet, surprisingly, in all this time, we've been pronouncing his surname wrong all these years. Phil Lynott's daughters, Cathleen and Sarah, were on last night's 'Late Late Show' to discuss the singer's life and legacy, but Tubs used the first part of their interview together to confirm the surname pronounciation.

"Lie-knott, 100%, he used to say, 'I'm not some feckin' bird'," the daughters laughed, having clearly spent a life correcting people on the proper way to pronounce their father's surname.

As you'd expect, the two talked about his cheeky sense of humour, their memories of him, and, ultimately, what his legacy has meant to them both as the upcoming documentary, 'Phil Lynott: Songs For While I'm Away', readies for release.

And if that wasn't enough, the interview saw a painting of Phil fall off the wall in the background, which made everybody jump and even had them thinking it was Phil himself playing a wicked joke on everyone.

Take a look.