It was undoubtedly the most scandalous decision of last weekend's Judges Houses on X Factor, when Sharon Osbourne decided to have Honey G in her final three for live shows, ahead of, you know, actual talented people, including Irish hopeful Janet Grogan.

Another great singer who failed to make the cut in Sharon's Over 25s category was Samantha Atkinson, and her family are having none of it, with her cousin Yasemin launching an online petition to have Honey G removed from the show.

"Samantha Atkinson is my cousin and I and thousands of other X Factor viewers feel she was robbed of her place on live shows tonight, when Sharon Osbourne gave Honey G one of them places in final 12," Yasemin said.

“Let’s sign and show X factor bosses and ITV that they have made a huge mistake!!!”

Honey G in fact didn't even make it through the Six-Chair-Challenge (the Hunger Games part of the series), but was brought back in when singer Ivy Grace failed to get her visa approved for Judges Houses.

The petition already has over 10,000 signatures, but we doubt that has Simon Cowell shaking in his boots. The sad fact is, while they probably have taken the novelty act too far this time, people will want to tune in to see Honey G's live performances.

"I say Honey, you say G!"

(Ahem, sorry.)