Now, if it was the one written by Neil Gaiman; that would be rather special.

Total Film reports that, despite being rather busy with his Hobbit (new trailer here) trilogy, Peter Jackson would take some time out to direct an episode of Doctor Who. To make things even more interesting, he wants to direct it in New Zealand. Although I'm not sure how media outlets have gleaned that information from the following lone quote...

When asked if he'd like to direct an episode during a recent interview with New Zealand's Waikato Times, Jackson said: "I’m a huge Doctor Who fan, and I think Matt [Smith]’s fantastic. Just name a time and place, and I’ll be there!"

Well, What's On TV's website has slightly more details courtesy of Mr Smith. When he was questioned by the same local paper about making an episode of Doctor Who in New Zealand, he said: "I think it would be an absolutely wonderful place to film Doctor Who. Let's get Peter Jackson to direct one and go and make it in New Zealand. I would love to, I will campaign endlessly to come over and film there. There's clearly a great film industry out there. It's something I would be very interested in, it's just whether we can persuade the producers to fly us all over. I actually met (Jackson) at Comic-Con, which was very exciting to meet someone of his credence and calibre - a wonderful film-maker, and he mentioned that he enjoyed the show, so I was absolutely thrilled to hear that."

Screw an episode, make a film! That way you don't have to rely on the BBC's meager budget and therefore actually make it to New Zealand... or producers could save themselves a few sheckles and just shoot it in Kerry... Now there's a thought.