So looks like Peter Capaldi aka Sid from Skins' dad will really be getting into The Thick of It by taking on the role of Leonardo DaVinci.

Yup, he's set to play the famous Italian artists in a brand new 3D dramatised documentary based on DaVinci's own personal journals. The lads over at Sky Arts 2 have managed to come up with a way to take over 6,000 pages of notes and drawings and make a bit of telly out of them. Not bad  by Leonardo's standards.

"Leonardo's journals are an extraordinary body of work, highlighting Da Vinci's position at the vanguard of ideas, thought and design. It's wholly fitting therefore, that his works are being brought to life in such a creative way with the use of Sky's cutting edge 3D technology," said James Hunt, channel director of Sky Arts.

"Sky Arts and Sky 3D customers will be captivated by the stunning visualisations of his work and by Peter Capaldi's performance which impassions the eclectic and brilliant mind of this 15th century genius."

Apparently they'll be using visual effects and 3D technology to recreate all that things that were going on in his brain. Wonder if they can use that stuff to crack the DaVinci Code and find the Holy Grail?

Catch Capaldi Inside the Mind of Leonardo on Sunday, March 24 at 9pm on Sky Arts 2 and Sky 3D.