Just for clarity, she didn't - she said flavours, but when you listen back to her performance, it's easy to see why people thought so.

Honey G's "performance" last night saw her take on Kriss Kross' 1992 hit, Jump. The lyrics which Honey G performed on the night made 'flavours' sound like, well, the N word.

Listen for yourself, it's around the fifty second mark.

So, did Twitter get it wrong? Sure, it did - but it didn't stop people calling it out all the same.



Of course, she didn't say that and even an X-Factor spokesperson had to issue a statement to Metro.co.uk confirming that she didn't, either. Meanwhile, the judges praised Honey G - yes, really - and claimed that this week's performance was Honey G's best yet.

When the bar is set low and you pass, did you really do anything? Answers on a postcard.