So if you happen, y'know, by chance to be in the audience for this weeks Saturday Night Live, you could make yourself a handy 5k.

By handy we mean you'd have to shout stuff at a presidential candidate during a live show, but sure look, money is money, right?

According to THR, The Los Angeles-based activist and founder of the anti-Trump campaign Deport Racism, Luke Montgomery, is offering the cash to anyone who shouts "YOU'RE RACIST" at The Donald during the course of the show.

SNL is taking some flak for having Trump host this week, but the last time they had a controversial Republican candidate on, Sarah Palin, 17 million people watched live - astounding numbers for a late night show - so you can see why they'd have him on. 

Be sure to check back with us Sunday morning, folks. Because this will be interesting no matter what. 

We're sure The Donald is terrified anyway.