Although Peep Show has sadly departed from our television screens, it'll never depart from our hearts.

Neither will Super Hans, arguably the best supporting character in a British TV comedy since Manuel in Fawlty Towers. The actor behind Super Hans, Matt King, has gone out and done everyone a friggin' service by announcing that he's now beginning a career as a DJ. Whilst in character as Super Hans.

Yes, really. This is not a drill.

The actor / comedian made the announcement via Twitter and later followed up with a confirmation that he's teaming up with former members of UNKLE. Already, floods of requests for gigs have gone out to Matt King's account and it's expected he's going to have a pretty full dance card in the next six months or so.

As of yet, there's no word on a Dublin gig but here's hoping some promoter steps up to the plate and books Super Hans because this is an experience we cannot afford to miss.

But is this all keeping with the Big Beat Manifesto? Let's hope so. This is the kind of s*** Super Hans needs to be doing. Complicated s***.