If ever you needed evidence that the White House, Donald Trump, and basically the US, in general, has lost touch with reality, it's this.

Even now, as we type these words out, it's actually kind of crazy that this really happened and it's stupid enough and funny enough that we're reporting on it. This came from the White House press secretary, and we're reporting on it because it's that fucking stupid.

Incredible stuff, really.

Anyway, last night, in the middle of defending secret police rounding up people for lawfully protesting police brutality, White House press secretary Kayleigh McEnany tried to claim that "cancel culture" had gotten hold of TV shows like 'Cops', 'Live PD', and the children's animated show 'Paw Patrol', while LEGO sets of police stations were pulled from shelves.

As ever with the White House and anything that's remotely related to Donald Trump, it's 50% bullshit. Let's start with the truth, since it's often so remote in his thinking and actions. Yes, 'Cops' and 'Live PD' were both cancelled when the Black Lives Matters protests began, as video footage - which sparked off the protests - showed George Floyd being murdered by a police officer kneeling on his neck for just under nine minutes.

There are a myriad of reasons as to why these two shows were cancelled, but one of them was definitely NOT "cancel culture", as they claim. In fact, it's probably closer to something that Trump might be familiar with - falling TV ratings, and a general distaste for the content that the TV shows are putting out.

Now, on to the absolute horseshit. LEGO have repeatedly made statements online that they have not pulled any sets featuring police cars, police stations or anything remotely related to the subject from shelves. As for 'Paw Patrol', the show's official TV account posted last night to reassure the 10, maybe 12 parents who actually like the show that it isn't cancelled.

What's crazy about this is that to anyone outside of the Trump / White House bubble, this is laughable stuff. Literally five minutes of checking would tell you that it's a lie, and one that's so easy to prove the falsehood. The producers behind 'Paw Patrol' and LEGO themselves both confirmed it was bullshit in the space of a couple of hours, so why even say it?

Like we said at the top, this is just stupidity at a fascinating, and funny level.