UPDATE: 10.15 - Well, in news we never needed to hear, Pat Kenny doesn't use viagra. We know because Judd Apatow asked him, live, on The Late Late Show. We're sure that's left many an Irish mammy fanning themselves with a tea towel.

Apatow's wife Leslie Mann was due to join Pat and the boys but had to pull out at the last minute due to illness. Get well soon!

We were rather surprised to see Pat having a bit of banter with the lads, and while Graham Norton he ain't, he certainly seemed to give it his all. And if this is what we get on The Late Late, Paul Rudd's Graham Norton Show appearance should be rather interesting.

We're keeping our eyes peeled for a YouTube video.
- - -

Well Paul Rudd's definitely in demand these days. He's on two, yes, two prime time TV chat shows tonight and one of them just so happens to be The Late Late Show.

The gang at RTE must be only delirah with themselves, having bagged Role Models and Friends star Rudd and his This Is 40 director Judd, yep, Judd Apatow too, for tonight's broadcast. Talk about a ratings boost. Pat Kenny's back in the hot seat following the sad passing of Ryan Tubridy's father. Here's hoping Pat brings along his sense of humour because when they're talking This Is 40 these two fellas certainly don't hold back.

Methinks Rudd's best gags will be reserved for The Graham Norton Show, over on BBC 1 at 11.05pm. Sure don'cha know our Graham isn't one to beat around the bush!

Catch The Late Late Show on RTE 1 from 9.35pm.