For some actors, the acting bug can bite later in life, but for most, it happens in secondary school or high school.

On last night's 'Late Late', Paul Mescal - Connell from 'Normal People' - revealed that he got the acting bug as a young teenager in Maynooth Post Primary playing none other than the lead role in 'Phantom of the Opera'.

Telling Ryan Tubridy of how he played GAA for both the county team and Maynooth Post Primary, his destiny was changed when he tread the boards as "the big man himself, Phantom" in a production of Andrew Lloyd-Webber's musical.

"I'm sure there's some class of footage of that somewhere," Tubridy asked, to which Mescal sheepishly replied with a laugh, "I'm sure there is, not that I'm condoning it, in fact I hope they don't."

Paul Mescal, if you're reading this, we're sorry. We're an entertainment news website. It's in the name. You put that out there, we have to find it. And we found it.

This shaky video footage from 2012 shows none other than Connell from 'Normal People' giving it socks as Phantom, and to be honest, he's actually pretty damn good.

For one, he's got the range and the power of the voice to do those big numbers like 'Angel of Music' and 'Point of No Return', and you can see the performance really is something. Not only that, Tubridy threatened Mescal with the house band the next time he's on the show, with Mescal replying that he's happy to do it, once he's in costume.

Here's the footage in question.