Week two has come and gone, as biscuit week attempted to make the bakers crumble under the pressure.

Last night's 'GBBO' saw biscuit week rear its ugly head for the remaining 11 contestants, as the three challenges proved to separate the bakers from the amateurs.

It wasn't mentioned in the episode, but we couldn't help but ask the question if a coconut macaroon really is considered a biscuit? It's a bit like asking someone if they consider a jaffa cake to be one too. Well, they're both nice with a cup of tea or coffee so maybe that's what the concept of a biscuit really boils down to.

Anyway, the episode saw Paul Hollywood deal out his very first handshake of the series last night, with Lottie remaining perplexed at how she managed to wrangle a Hollywood handshake out of the judge.

We really hope she's washed her hand since.

Here's a rundown of other happenings around the tent last night, and what viewers on Twitter thought of the second episode of the series.

Prue dropped this zinger.


Rowan really needs to listen to Paul, and stop aiming so darned high all the time.

We also love this photoshop of Rowan's and Lottie's showstopper bakes meeting at sea.

In last night's 'GBBO' it was plainly obvious how stressed the contestants were with their bakes - but along comes Noel Fielding and Matt Lucas to distract them anyway. They were VERY distracting last night.

So true.

Dave managed to win Star Baker this week, thanks to a very strong week which included him winning the technical challenge.

Alas, someone had to go, and this week it was Mak's turn to hang up his apron.

The 'Great British Bake Off' continues next Tuesday night on Channel 4.