If you were happy to hear that country music legend Willie Nelson and '90s action hero Arnold Schwarzenegger both received their COVID vaccine, but were also worried about Patrick Stewart, formerly of the USS Enterprise-D, worry no more.

Posting to his Twitter last night, Patrick Stewart received his first jab for the vaccine. As Stewart is now 80 years of age, he qualifies as high-risk during the pandemic and is among the first to receive the vaccine.

"How do we say thank you to the health workers and scientists for their sacrifice and service?" Stewart asked on his Twitter last night. "Receive the vaccine as soon as one can to lessen their load and keep wearing a mask to protect fellow citizens. In my 80th year, I am grateful and hopeful for better days ahead."

By all accounts, Stewart seemed truly relieved to be receiving the vaccine - but was anyone else expecting Dr. Crusher to appear next to the nurse with a hypo-spray?

No, just us? OK then.