Steady yourselves, Star Trek fans - but it looks like there may be a brand new series on the way.

Not only that, but rumours abound that Patrick Stewart (aka Captain Jean-Luc Picard) is set to reprise his 'Next Generation' role in it.

The Hollywood Reporter claims that the series is in the very early stages of development, so nothing is set in stone - but that it's being developed by 'Star Trek: Discovery' showrunner Alex Kurtzman for CBS as part of his new deal with the network.

Stewart alluded to the fact that he may have something Star Trek-related on the horizon when asked recently if he had been watching 'Star Trek: Discovery'. "You mean the series, not the movie, because there is a new movie due out very soon," he said. "No, I haven't - but I may have good cause to look at it very soon."

The last time he appeared as Picard was in the 2002 film 'Star Trek: Nemesis', but it looks like we could be seeing him again, 16 years later...