Patrick Dempsey is currently on the publicity trail for Bridget Jones's Baby, but he'll always be McDreamy to us.

The former Grey's Anatomy star was asked in a Facebook Live interview with Cosmopolitan UK what his favourite episode was in the medical drama, and the actor said;

“That’s hard — there were 250 episodes I was in over 10 years. I have to say my favorite really was the pilot because we didn’t know what was going to happen, and then there was that sense of discovery. When I saw it for the first time, I thought the music was incredible and it was fun to be a part of such a strong ensemble. That was special.”

Adding; "That first season was really remarkable."

He may look back fondly, but the actor has no intention of returning; “People keep asking me to come back to life and come back to the show,” he said. “I think, unfortunately, he has passed.”

Given that he's been dead for over a year, that would be a pretty outrageous plot to pull off, even for Grey's Anatomy. Although if Bobby Ewing could manage it....