If you were listening to the old wireless on the way to work this morning then you might have heard Pat Rabbitte err, rabbiting on about that new Broadcasting Charge we were telling you about a few months back.

Anyway, the Minister has made no bones about the fact that he believes pretty much everyone in Ireland has a telly they just don't want to pay for, and now he's more or less said you'd have to be prehistoric to be taken seriously in that regard. "I don’t believe that we have cave men in the country... I don’t believe that there are people who don’t watch television and don’t access content on their iPhone or iPad or whatever", Pat told the gang on RTE's Morning Ireland.

"People claiming that they neither have a TV nor do they ever access any public service content, I think one has to look at that somewhat sceptically" he continued, while explaining that the new charge would most likely apply to people who were resident in a property. In other words, if you're renting, your landlord won't be the one footing the bill.

The debate about the fairness of the charge rages on, but with the BAI revealing that 85.4% of TV is still watched on the actual telly this morning, we can see a fair few hands flying up when it comes to a 'public consultation process'.

Like it or lump it lads, the Broadcasting Charge is a'comin. We have heard it will be around the same price as the current TV licence though, so at least that's one less price hike, eh?