Ever since we all heard the news a few months ago that Ray D'Arcy would be returning to RTE radio, speculation has been rife over what exactly they would have him doing in the TV department, with everyone naturally looking towards The Late Late Show and The Saturday Night Show.

It was not too much of a surprise then to hear on Saturday night that this would be Brendan O'Connor's last series, and that D'Arcy would be stepping in for a new show.

Former RTE staple Pat Kenny hasn't been shy about airing his views on the move telling the Evening Herald; "It's been a long time since Ray has done successful television so it's a gamble."

"If Brendan was pushed out by RTE it is very strange because he was doing very well," he said. "But who knows what deal was made with Ray D'Arcy - maybe they had to push Brendan to make room for Ray.

"I just don't get why you would kill a successful show by Brendan in the hope that Ray would replicate that, because you just can't be sure.

But maybe the management in RTE feel that their job is to be innovative and try something else - that could be their agenda," he added.

We still don't know exactly what Ray D'Arcy's show will be, but we are assuming it would be a similar enough format, although there are rumours it could be more in the style of Ant and Dec's Saturday Night Takeaway, which we hope isn't true. Leave that to Ant and Dec.

While Brendan has not been sent out to pasture either and will be presenting a new series that will air in a prime-time slot in early 2016.

Can't help but feel a wee but sorry for Brendan as his show did really seem to be start coming into his own. Saying that though, no doubt D'Arcy is up for the challenge that awaits.

We all know where hosts of Irish Saturday night shows can eventually end up though....