Silly season is well and truly over so as September becomes October (and the evenings become ever more miserable) it's time to get down to some serious TV business. Here's our rundown on the week that was, and a few things to look forward to over the next seven days.

3. X Factor's Musical Chairs
Disgusting or deliciously devilish? The debate about X Factor's decision to play a Hunger Games-esque game of musical chairs with the contestants split opinion both on and offline, but it certainly got us talking about the show.

2. Someone's going to die on The Simpsons
The bookies say all the bets are on Edna Krabappel but we wouldn't rule out something spectacular invovling Apu or Sideshow Bob (See the full list of potential victims here). It had better not be as anticlimactic as that Maud Flanders debacle. Diddly.

1. Breaking Bad
Whether it was the trip down memory lane through our favourite moments, that final episode 'Felina', the alternative ending that Vince Gilligan had planned, or the Colombian remake feat. Walter Blanco and José, everybody was talking about Breaking Bad this week. Huzzah for Heisenberg.

Anne Dizzle. In the words of Louis Walsh, she reminds us of a young Nicki Minaj. There's a serious amount of potential here Anne, we'd love to see you record a Christmas single feat Dobbo and Aengy Mac. Fo'shizzle.

1. Love/Hate - Sunday October 6th, RTE Two @ 9.35pm

Sure what can we say? It's Nidge.

2. Muhammad Ali's Greatest Fight - Wednesday October 9th, Sky Atlantic @ 9pm

Christopher Plummer (yep, Captain Von Trapp) and Frank Langella (yep, Nixon) lead the all-star cast of this fascinating HBO film which takes us all the way back to Muhammad Ali's historic Supreme Court battle. Some of you *cough* myself included *cough* might be a bit too young to remember / know that the fighter err, fought for conscientious objector status when he was drafted into the Vietnam War, and the resulting legal battle rattled the US judicial system.

3. The Graham Norton Show - Friday October 11th, BBC One @ 11.05pm

He's baaaaaack. Yes, our Graham returns to liven up your Friday evenings once again and sure hasn't he got Han Solo himself, Mr Harrison Ford, on the sofa for a bit of a chinwag. As if that wasn't enough for you, Benedict Cumberbatch is in too, although we can't imagine himself and Harrison repeating the Pine Nut / Cumberb*tch antics of yesteryear. Sigh. Jack Whitehall and James Blunt will be attempting to keep up.

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