Everyone has got a bit more time on their hands at the moment, so what better way to make full use of this extra time than by putting our favourite TV shows into video games.

Nintendo Switch's 'Animal Crossing: New Horizons' had been providing a number of entertaining ways for people to spend their free time recently, from Elijah Wood popping up in random players' island buying turnips, to US politician Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez making it her duty to visit as many islands in the video game as she possibly can. And now, a memorable scene from 'Parks and Rec' has been recreated by a gamer.

Honouring season three, episode 13's 'The Fight', where Leslie Knope and Ann "beautiful, rule-breaking moth" Perkins had their first fight at the Snakehole Lounge, the 'Parks and Rec' team also had their own fight all together in their office. The cold open was part of the "Producer's Cut" version, which included an additional four minutes of material, so if you haven't already clocked it then here's that scene for you.

And so, the 'Parks and Rec'/'Animal Crossing' crossover was created. Featuring Ron Swanson as an eagle, a swanky-looking unicorn in Tom Haverford, and a very stressed out Leslie, the whole scene was re-enacted with the team. Here's the cute-looking version for you to enjoy.