Roberto Escobar, brother of the late Columbian drug lord, Pablo has requested to review the footage for season 2 of Narcos before Netflix release it. 

Escobar requested what he describes as a "formal, friendly request" to review the footage for the upcoming season “solely on an informational basis.”

“It is depicting me, my life, my family and my brother. I think nobody else in the world is alive to determine the validity of the materials, but me,” Escobar said in a statement issued Tuesday morning by Escobar Inc.

The CEO of Escobar Inc., Olof K. Gustafsson said that the company attempted to reach out to Netflix prior to the release of season 1 but received no response from Netflix. 

“I think it is important that they recognize Roberto Escobar’s wishes to review the show they are putting out, ensuring the family and viewers of an accurate portrayal of Pablo and Roberto,” Gustafsson said.

Via Variety