Has anyone managed to catch Nicky Byrne's new show of a Saturday night? You've probably seen the ads if not, it's called The Million Euro Challenge but it's up there with watching paint dry in terms of entertainment levels.

RTE received eighty complaints after the first episode aired which we can only imagine went on along the lines of 'Where is Winning Streak?' 'Bring back Winning Streak!' and 'I heart Marty Whelan'.

Now three weeks in, the show has lost 200,000 viewers since its first installment, meaning pensioners across the country are being forced to wrap their heads around The Cube of a Saturday evening. And they're even starting to take a shine to Philip Schofield, although he's no Marty mind.

The National Lottery have stood by the show however with a spokesperson saying; "It's a new format intended to appeal to both young and old. I understand some of the criticism but if people give it a few weeks they will start to see its benefits."

They also added that they were happy with their choice of Nicky Byrne as a host saying; "Nicky Byrne has proven himself to be a great hit with our players and our viewers."

Yeah, Nicky is not the problem! An affable fella if ever there was one. It's the boring long-winded games that are sucking the life out of people.

Hopefully it's no skin off Nicky's nose, the guy has been in a successful boyband and his new 2fm radio show is flying it. You can't have it all.

So they'll bring Winning Streak back now yeah? Not that we, eh, watch it. We're out on a Saturday night, like you.

Via The Independent