We're just ONE DAY away from the new season of Game of Thrones and excitement levels are reaching new and untold heights here.

So, what better way to prep ourselves for the brand new season by taking a look back over some of our favourite characters from the previous seasons? Sure, some of them (COUGH) may no longer be with us, but they're damn fine all the same.




Look, he's a sh*thead. We get that. But you can't admit that Theon Greyjoy's journey through the series has been equal parts horrific and fascinating to watch. From the first season where he played the outsider in Ned Stark's family to, well, where he is now, Theon Greyjoy's always been a character that people love to hate and, further on, actually pity. That scene in Season 2 when Theon kills Ser Rodrik, the steward of Winterfell? Holy crap, that was some insanely good acting. Here's a little reminder. Click the image to see the video.



Now sadly gone in the most horrific fashion, Prince Oberyn Martell was the swarthy swashbuckling bisexual prince from Dorne - which is Game of Thrones' equivalent of Spain. Sharp-tongued and not afraid to piss off anyone, Oberyn Martell was our favourite character in Season 4. Those who read the books will know just how well Pedro Pascal nailed the character. Also, he's got to have the most bad-ass nickname we've ever heard - The Red Viper. That's incredible.



He barely spoke a word of English, but Khal Drogo pretty much dominated most of the first season of Game of Thrones. Daenarys' husband and owner of the finest beard in the land, Khal Drogo was one of the Dothraki's most feared and respected rulers. He also had an impressive way with a knife as this little clip shows.



Shae could have very easily been written off in a single scene, but the character has managed to stick around for quite some time and has proven to be one of the most radically-changed characters from the books. Smart and resourceful, Shae's the perfect companion for Tyrion. We're kind of sad how her character met her end. 



He's been something of a background character, but that's probably the way Roose Bolton likes it. Quiet, calm and brutally pragmatic, Roose Bolton's gone from a one-scene character to well... We all remember.



More than anything, Charles Dance's portrayal of Tywin Lannister has shown just how nuanced the character is. He played more closer to a businessman / CEO-type than a medieval lord, carefully weighing out each and every option before deciding on what's best for those under his care. This scene is particularly powerful and shows exactly what his thinking is throughout the entire series. Lannisters don't act like fools.



Probably the most damaged - physically and mentally - character in the entire series, The Hound's become a firm favourite with fans. He's tall, brutish, crude and doesn't give a f*ck about anything or anyone. Except chickens. He loves chicken. Here is, undoubtedly, his best scene to date. Well, that and the final fight with Brynne. *sniff*



Stannis The Mannis might be ruled by a nutjob witch who thinks fire can speak to her, but you've gotta respect Stannis for being the first dude off the boat when they attacked King's Landing. Out of all the potential rulers in Westeros, Stannis is the one governed not by self-interest but by what's right and wrong. As he's said so many times, he's the King by rights.



The character arc of Daenarys - from the scared, impish girl to the full-on Mother of Dragons - really is impressive to see. Emilia Clarke's portrayal has been spectacular at both demonstrating how circumstances can change a person, but not their ideals. Unsurprisingly, Clarke's going to make an excellent Sarah Connor in the upcoming Terminator film.




He may be short in stature, but Tyrion's become the heart of the series. Witty, urbane and calculating, Tyrion's outsmarted just about everyone and managed to come out on top every time. Along with his chemistry with Bronn, Tyrion's become the most likeable character in the entire series. Peter Dinklage's performance rightfully won him an Emmy. Any excuse to play this again...