We're only hours away from the FINAL episode of Breaking Bad. You've probably got a thousand theories of how it's going to end. Will Walt survive? What about Jesse? What'll happen to Skyler? So, in order to get you through these last few hours of waiting, we thought we'd scan across the entire series on Netflix and pick out our five favourite moments. Some of you may be only catching up with the show now so, y'know, spoilers ahead and stuff.


5. When Walter runs over the drug dealers

This scene gave us chills down our spine. In the fourth season, Walter and Jesse are pretty much on the outs but he comes to his rescue in this climactic scene. Walter just mows down these two guys, gets out of the car and then blows one of them away with a gun. Camera zooms in and, with one word, confirms that Walter White is an ice-cold criminal who was born for this job.


4. When Walter freaks out at the cop

What's overlooked, we think, in Breaking Bad is the comedic moments. If it's not the black humour, it's the interactions between Walter White and Jesse Pinkman. This scene, however, is pretty hilarious. Walter's under pressure between the airplane mid-air crash, and well, Jesse going off the rails after Jane's death. So when he's pulled over by a pedantic cop for his broken windshield, he explodes. And gets pepper-sprayed.


3. "This isn't meth."

If there's one thing can be said about Walter White, it's that he doesn't fuck around. If he's after something, he'll get it. This scene, from early on in the series, just sets the tone for his way of doing business for the rest of it. Tuco beat the crap out of Jesse and stole a ton of meth from him. Walter finds out and goes, well, all Heisenberg. It's that one little line that does it.


2. When Hank finds out

There have been some cliffhangers that people remember more than the conclusion, as such. The most famous is Dallas and Who Shot Jr.? In recent times, however, this has eclipsed it and we're only now seeing the repercussions of it all. It's a brilliant little scene that will undoubtedly leave you on a knife edge. When you think of the context - Walter's finally out and clean from the meth business, the DEA have nailed Gustavo Fring - and then this. Hank finally understands and realises what's happened. That it was Walter all along. What a scene. And what a cliffhanger.


1. Gus Vs. The Sniper

Gustavo Fring was the perfect villain for Breaking Bad. He was the only one who could hold a candle to Walter White in terms of sheer ruthlessness. The box-cutter scene, remember that? Jesus, that made everybody jump the first time they seen it. This scene, however, is our favourite Gustavo Fring scene. Completely fearless, he walks out into the middle of sniper fire and waits for him to take his shot. Two words - Bad. Ass.