Watching telly back in the day used to just be matter of pressing it on and flicking between two to three Irish channels, and checking teletext to see what's on. (Okay yeah, we are going way back now). These days though, there are forty gazillion channels to choose from, while using about three remotes to do it. Just when you think you have found something good to watch, you get paranoid that you're missing something epic over on another channel so need to flick again. This can go on, sometimes, all night. And we've all lived with a perpetual channel flicker.

However, from now on, you can stop this needless channel swapping, and relax in the knowledge that you will never miss your favourite TV show again. For when one person comes along and makes technology utterly confusing, another comes along and makes it way too easy. And that 'other' is us! Our TV Guide Ireland app is about as savvy as tech gets these days for a shed load of reasons that I'm about to tell you.

First off, as I said you can stop that annoying channel flicker in their tracks, and tell them to just look at their phone and see what's on telly there, as opposed to wrecking everyone elses head. We've got 7 Day TV listings guide with full programme details and descriptions of 95 channels, and you can see what's on Now & Next with as little bother as scratching your arse.

As well as this, you can have no fear of missing your favourite TV show again. We all know you can set reminders on your telly to watch a show. But sure what good is that if you're not actually watching TV at the time? With the app you can set personal Programme Reminders on your phone, so you know exactly when you should be putting the kettle on and making a bee-line for the sofa.


If you are feeling particularly lazy, and just want somebody to tell you the answer to the age old question - 'What's on the telly tonight?' We can do that too, as we have already sifted through the TV guides and picked out the best of what's to offer in our TV Highlights, which even includes TV on Demand.

And you can also find out everything you need to know about all the shenanigans in the world of telly in our TV News section.

So there you go, all of this awesomeness is just fingertips away.

Why are we telling you all this? Well our TV app, which is already the most popular TV app in the country, is now available on Android. So now a shed load more of you can get to download and experience all this savvy niftiness for yourselves.

It's free too, and who doesn't love free stuff?

I know, I know, we're too good to you. Please, don't stand up...well okay then.

You can download the app simply by clicking here!