Tonight is the much-anticipated 'Operation Transformation' finale as this year's leaders (including Jean!) prepare to hit the red carpet and show off how great they are looking and feeling after eight weeks on the show.

The new garb will mark a nice change from the lycra we see them in for the weigh-in each week, but Operation Transformation's fitness expert Karl Henry insists the lycra is necessary.

Speaking on The Telly Show this week, Karl said: "Here's the reason and here's why we use it. It's nothing to do with body shaming, it's nothing to do with embarrassment. Ask any leader they will tell you that is certainly not the case.

"The reason we use it is we want people to see their own body types on the television through the leaders. We want you to see a reflection of yourself on the television - by seeing that, you follow the plan on the website built for that body type.

"We build all the exercise plans for specific body types....with a big t-shirt, you just don't see the shape.

"The second reason is so the viewers see the visible changes each week - we see that in studio when they walk out - and often we're gobsmacked at the changes we see - but you only see that because that person is in front of you with the lycra on."

So there you have it. You can watch Karl give this explanation below around the 10-minute mark. He also chats about his thoughts on the current series, as well as starting out with 'Operation Transformation' 12 years ago with Gerry Ryan and has some great fitness tips too.

You can listen to the full unedited interview as a podcast on Omny, Spotify, iTunes or wherever you get your podcasts from.

Catch the 'Operation Transformation' finale tonight on RTÉ One at 9.35pm.