Here's a fun, probably unintentional side effect of this one-second video about 'Friends'.

You can actually point to the exact moment when you stopped watching it, because the jokes - or the one-second blast of jokes - stop making sense. For example, from about the three-minute mark on, none of the jokes made sense to us. Why, you ask? Because we stopped watching between the seventh and eighth season, so none of it registered.

That said, everything up to that - totally got. Everything from Ross yelling "Pivot!" to Phoebe introducing herself as Regina Falange, to Joey's boobs and the WENUS all made sense. Beyond that, though? Not a clue, and it's probably for the best because you're veering into 'Joey' territory then, and that's never good.

Did anyone actually watch 'Joey' when it was on TV? Get in touch, because we'd like to know what happened with it.