In case you missed it, someone from the 2019 edition of 'Love Island' dated someone from the 2018 series.

Anyone who watched the first two could see that Lucie is the most popular 'Love Island' girl.

Originally coupling up with Michael, she then picked Joe instead. Soon, she had Anton vying for her heart and last night Tommy picked her to be in a couple with.

Well as it turns out Lucie was also the girl of choice for one of last year's 'Love Island' contestants.

She told Cosmopolitan UK that she dated Charlie Brake for a while.

Charlie left the villa coupled up with Ellie Brown last year but they split up pretty soon afterwards.

"We went away for a whole month together," Lucie said. "The first time we met, his family came down the week after he met me and then the week after, he asked me if I wanted to go to Portugal, so I said, 'yeah, let's go'. So we went on surf trip and then when we got back he asked to plan another trip."

The pair met after his time in the villa as she revealed: "When he came off [the show] he put a story on Instagram saying, 'I am heading down to Newquay, has anyone got a surfboard I can borrow?' and I'm like, 'Yeah, I've got one you can borrow'. It kind of sped up and we went surfing and it was quite nice."

Upon being asked if it ended on good terms, she said:

"Yeah, we'd definitely still speak to each other if we saw each other but I don't think we match dating-wise and he's a little bit old for me so we want different things.

"If I see him, I'll speak to him but it kind of fizzled out because he lived where he lived and I live where I live. We had some really nice times together so it's a shame that it ended really.

"He doesn't know I'm going on the show so I don't know what he thinks. It will either be one way or another, we will have to wait and see.

"I hope I last longer than him and I hope I find someone nice."