Aaaah, that's why Tulisa was inexplicably sporting a bob on Saturday's episode of the X Factor; One Direction's performance was recorded back in October and Tulisa wasn't avilable for the pre-record, so they had someone in make up stand in at the last minute. Probably.

Indeed, this week's X Factor 'scandal' is surrounding One Direction's appearance on the show, which was quite the feat given they're currently in L.A. That didn't stop Dermot O'Leary giving them the thumbs up stage left despite them not being there, saying: "We have been celebrating the best of British tonight and they don’t come any bigger or any more British than our next special guest. They have conquered the world and it all began for them here. We’re the proudest parents on the planet as we welcome back with their new single - One Direction."

Needless to say, those who are still watching the show weren't too happy with the charade, saying "everything about that show is fake."

Not everything's fake, take Louis Walsh's judging skills for example. He refused to pick which act to send home, two of his boybands District 3 and Same Direction (AKA Union J) You'll never guess who was sent home. Well, they were never going to send home Same Direction, now were they.

In other "news", Chris Maloney managed to get through on the public vote despite being booed for the second consecutive week.