Nickelodeon series 'Zoey 101' is reportedly getting rebooted.

Not only that but Jamie Lynn Spears, sister of singer Britney Spears, could be back as Zoey.

'Zoey 101' wrapped in 2008 after airing for four seasons. It followed the titular teenager's experiences and friendships in boarding school, Pacific Coast Academy.

These kids got omnipresent sunny weather and always had fabulous wardrobes and the latest gadgets. Spoilt brats who had the lives we wanted, basically.

Here's a reminder of that theme song, sung by Jamie Lynn herself.

Jamie Lynn's former co-star Austin Butler has probably done the best out of the cast. He recently landed the role of Elvis Presley in Baz Luhrmann's musical biopic.

But Britney's little sister could get something of a comeback if these rumours are to be believed - especially given she recently signed on for the upcoming Netflix series 'Sweet Magnolias', so she is back acting.

Jamie Lynn is in talks for the 'Zoey 101' reboot but nothing's set in stone, say reports.

The new show would follow Zoey's life in SoCal ten years after the teen series, when she's 28. She'd have a couple of kids, which is somewhat ironic given Jamie Lynn herself has had kids since 'Zoey 101' wrapped (the show was pretty much cancelled when she became pregnant). It's unknown if the character is single or not, or if she's still involved with longtime love interest Chase.

The character is being described by TMZ, who broke the news, as “Zoey with an edge.”

C'mon, how badly do you want to see this go ahead?