The 17-year-old's chart-topping debut has seen her thrust into the spotlight.

If you haven't yet heard the name Olivia Rodrigo, well all of that is about to change. The teenager's debut single 'Driver's License' was released less than a month ago, and has skyrocketed her into number one on music charts around the world.

'Driver's License' is a powerful, slow-pop banger that took the world by surprise when it was released on January 8. Since then, the single has enjoyed number one places in the US, Canada, Australia, UK, New Zealand, Portugal, and here in Ireland.

Irish charts have recorded the song as the most-streamed song ever in our chart's history, already being certified platinum. Globally, the song has nearly 300 million streams to its name on Spotify alone.

On January 11, just three days after its release, 'Drivers License' set the Spotify record for most streams in a day for a non-holiday song with over 15.17 million global streams.

And then on on January 12, the song beat its own record with over 17.01 million streams. Suffice it to say, this sure is one huge release.

But Olivia Rodrigo didn't burst onto the scene without a background in music. She stars as the lead role of Nini Salazar-Roberts in Disney+'s reboot of 'High School Musical: The Musical: The Series'. The series has been a huge success with Disney fans and is currently filming its second season.

Here's her TV debut on 'The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon', where Olivia gave a stunning performance of her hit song.