Marks & Spencer launch their new Christmas advert campaign, featuring more than a few recognisable voices.

Oscar-winning actress Olivia Colman has leant her voice to M&S's Christmas advert this year, with the focus being on charitable donations from the UK retailer.

But she isn't the only big name attached to their new campaign, with the likes of Tom Hardy, Gillian Anderson, Helen Mirren, Julie Walters, Chiwetel Ejiofor, Eddie Redmayne, Naomie Harris, and Jeremy Irons all getting involved too.

However, don't expect all of these big names to appear on our screens all at the same time - or maybe they will - because instead, the stars will be narrating various food and drink items that the retailer will be selling this year.

And yes, Olivia Colman's voice is so soothing, all we want right now is a triple-chocolate panettone served up to us on a plate. These clever marketing people know exactly how our minds work.

For this year, M&S added that charity was their main focus this year, and will be donating £2 million to worthy causes. Each of the actors featured has chosen which charity they have nominated.

Expect plenty more M&S Christmas adverts to be released in the run-up to the big day. Here's the first one which features the wondrous voice of Olivia Colman.