If you were watching the finale of 'Happy Valley' on Sunday night, you may have spotted a teaser for a new adaptation of 'Great Expectations' - which stars an actress we all know looking very different.

Olivia Colman is set to star as Miss Havisham in the adaptation of Charles Dickens' famous novel, with 'Dunkirk' actor Fionn Whitehead in the role of Pip.

In the book, Miss Havisham is a bitter, eccentric spinster who lives in a ruined mansion with her daughter, and wears her wedding dress constantly since she was jilted at the altar. Dickens describes her as 'the witch of the place' - and Colman certainly lives up to that description as she welcomes Pip to Satis House by saying  "What a prized creature we have fished from the river."

The six-part series was adapted by 'Peaky Blinders' writer Steven Knight, and also features Irish actor Owen McDonnell, as well as Hayley Squires, Matt Berry and Ashley Thomas.

The air date on BBC has yet TBC.

Watch the trailer below: