It turns out the old world and the new can't exactly work in harmony together as much as we'd hoped, with an old TV set being the cause of one small town's broadband crashing every day.

A town called Aberhosan, Powys in Wales has been having a broadband issue for the past 18 months that has left engineers baffled. Every morning at 7 am broadband across the town would cut out, leaving residents without their morning news updates or virtual yoga sessions. However, after months of problem-solving the culprit was eventually found - an old TV set.

According to BBC News, the resident in question was getting up to turn on their TV every morning and causing havoc for their neighbours unbeknownst to themselves. Believed to be "mortified" about the whole situation, the householder has now promised to never turn on their old TV set again following the embarrassing situation they've been causing.

Telecommunications company Openreach finally solved the head-scratcher by using a device called a spectrum analyser to try to find any "electrical noise". Apparently, the old TV set would emit a signal which would interfere with the entire village's broadband, shutting it down every morning whenever it was switched on. How did those people manage to work from home all this time?

We're interested to know how old that TV set must really have been, but it's probably about time for them to invest in a new TV set that doesn't cause mass broadband outages. Or angry neighbours.