Fan theories are always interesting, provided they're based in some kind of notion of fact. In other words, there has to be evidence substantial enough to support it rather than it just being something like, "Oh, the cat appeared twice in one scene - the show is actually set inside the Matrix."

With that in mind, we're eye-rolling hard at this particular fan theory concerning the true nature of Friends. How do these things start? Honestly, like. In this instance, it all came down to a DVD cover for the fourth season which sees Rachel (Jennifer Aniston) lying awake on a bed with the other Friends are asleep. She's looking right down the lens as everyone's asleep.

The one theory that seems to have gained a lot of traction comes from Phil Dunne AKA lovetherobot, who posits that Friends was - in actual fact - an anxiety dream by Rachel on the eve of her wedding. Take it away, guy.

To be honest, there's a lot to unpack here. Yes, it does seem odd that twenty-somethings in New York could afford an apartment like that. The manner in which Rachel bolted from her own wedding does line up with the possibility of her having some kind of anxiety attack / dream, so that also could work. But, really, come on.

That's a gigantic leap and really, there's no evidence whatsoever to suggest that it was intended that way. Explain Joey, like. Was Joey just another part of Rachel's anxiety dream? Was it a dream within a dream? Did Rachel slip into limbo at the end of the series or was the top spinning the whole time?



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