This reboot nonsense really has to stop. Sure, we said nothing when Will Smith said he'd be involved in a Fresh Prince of Bel-Air remake. But THIS? Too far.

It's been announced that a remake is in the works for maybe-not-that-well-known TV sports comedy series Coach is underway with NBC. Craig T. Nelson, who's turned up in a bunch of stuff since then - Parenthood, he voiced Mr. Incredible in The Incredibles - will be returning to the series.

However, if the revival goes well and audiences pick it up, a reboot of ALF is on the way. Do you remember how f**ked up ALF was?

Let's refresh your memory. He ATE cats. Like, he full-on ate cats in the show. The alien creature also drank tons of beer during the series and nobody batted an eyelid.

AND, AND! The TV series ended with ALF being caught by the FBI. It literally ended with ALF surrounded by trenchcoats, getting ready to haul him off.

That, friends, is how you end a TV series. Or maybe not, as the case may be.

At this stage, we might as well cast our memory further back and look for a live-action remake of MASK or Spartakus And The Sun Beneath The Sea or even The Mysterious Cities Of Gold.

Actually, a live-action remake of The Mysterious Cities of Gold would be amazing. That theme tune was incredible.


Via Deadline