When Holly Willoughby stepped out on stage to host The Voice UK's Grand Final in a rather eye catching ensemble, she never expected her outfit to cause a bit of a stir. The BBC defended her choice of outfit at the time, and now broadcasting watchdog Ofcom has given it the green light too.

139 people complained to the BBC directly about Holly's gúna, but 30 lodged formal complaints with the broadcast regulator too. Ofcom has decided not to take the complainants concerns on board, as it doesn't consider the 'nudity' complaints to be worthy of a follow up or investigation.  That's good news for Holly and co, but won't exactly be music to the ears of those outraged viewers.

Holly's co-host Phillip Schofield had a few choice words for the complainants, and publicly defended her outfit, which he described as "gorgeous". "Let's hope those outraged on behalf of their kids don't take them to the beach this summer," said Schofield."God forbid they might see a woman in a bikini before 9pm and be traumatised by the sight of her cleavage!"

Here here Phillip, we're with you on that one.