It's been eight years since 'NYPD Blue' was on the telly would you believe, and now it looks set to make a comeback.

ABC is reviving the police drama and has placed a pilot order for a new version of the popular series, which originally ran from 1993 to 2005. It looks set to to kill off one of its leading men too as this version is set to revolve around Theo, the son of Andy Sipowicz (played by the original series’ star Dennis Franz).

The series would see Theo trying to prove himself to work in the 15th squad while investigating his father's murder. Yep, Andy is no more.

Fans of the show will know that Theo's mum Sylvia Costas-Sipowicz (Sharon Lawrence) was also murdered when she was shot and killed at the end of season 6.

At the helm of the revival is Matt Olmstead and Nick Wootton, both of whom worked on the original 'NYPD Blue', while Jesse Bochco, son of late franchise co-creator Steven Bochco, will direct the pilot. Dayna Bochco, Steven’s widow, will serve as a producer on the project.