Oh, those crazy North Koreans - whatever will they think of next?

According to an official release by North Korean newswire NK, the Hermit Kingdom is getting its very own version of popular streaming service Netflix.

The North Korea-only service will be known as Manbang (stop laughing) and will be available via a set-top box. While Manbang (STOP LAUGHING) will not access to Netflix's wide variety of content because, d'uh it's North Korea, it will have access to documentaries about the leadership of Kim Jong-Il and Kim Jong-Un.

No Gilmore Girls or Stranger Things, then.

The service will also have political videos on Juche ideology, learning Russian and will have access to real-time channels like KCTV and Mansudae Television. Observers in South Korea believe that the service is real and the technology quoted in the North Korean newswires checks out, but doubt its availability for the average North Korean citizen.

It's believed that only 12% of North Koreans have access to the Internet and that there are a total of ZERO secure servers in North Korea. The global average, per country is, 209 servers.

It's not yet known if films will be made available on Manbang (I SAID STOP LAUGHING), as previous North Korean dictator Kim Jong-Il was said to have one of the largest collections of DVDs and videos in the world, totalling over 30,000 according to official sources.


Via NKNews