The country has well and truly gone 'Normal People' mad - and the previous 'Liveline' debacle proved just that.

This week's Joe Duffy radio show however, was a much more low-key affair. Only one complaint was made to RTE Radio 1 following the two newest episodes being shown on RTE One last night, resulting in the topic not being covered in as major detail as it had previously been. Instead, a 'Normal People' poem was read aloud before the end of the show.

The poem was written by 'Liveline' listener Gwen Daisy, who is a Corkornian poet living in Clare. And it's probably the most relatable poem of Ireland at this very point in which we find ourselves.  Encapsulating what the Irish nation is going through as we watch the Sally Rooney book come to life on our TV screens, and how awkward it might be for some of us to watch it from home while in isolation, the poem is right on the money.

In one verse of the poem, Gwen writes:

So as the kids are all sitting there

Feeling their faces go scarlet

Others they glower, angered by this shower

That Marianne is only a Harlett

Here's the full poem for you enjoy below.

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