With news that the BBC want to produce a second season of 'Normal People', Paul Mescal seems to have a good idea of what direction it could go in.

'Normal People' has made stars of its leads Paul Mescal and Daisy Edgar-Jones.

The former recently did an interview with entertainment publication The Hollywood Reporter.

During it, the Kildare actor talked about living in lockdown, his friendship with Jones, and the fascination around Connell's chain.

Mescal was also asked about the possibility of a season two and whether he'd been interested in participating.

"There's loads of parts to that question," he said.

"The selfish actor part of my brain knows how challenging and how fun it is to play a character like Connell.

"There's also the part of me that goes like, 'OK, I'm really proud of that show, but I don't want to go in and do a second season too soon and f*** it up'. Because often that can be the case, where that perfect thing suddenly becomes less perfect."

He added: "I would obviously love to play Connell again, but that decision has got to come from people who are way higher than me in terms of creative input.

"I think you've also got to let Connell and Marianne grow up a little bit, maybe five, 10 15 years. If you were to go and look at these characters again, you've got to let them enter a different phase of their lives."

So there you have it, a look-in on Connell and Marianne's lives a few years down the line would definitely spark interest among its many fans around the world.

'Normal People' is showing on RTÉ Player in Ireland, BBC iPlayer in the UK and Hulu in the US.