Although there's no word yet on whether or not a second season of 'Normal People' is going to happen or not, we can finally lay to rest one part of the story of Connell and Marianne.

Specifically, what happened to Connell's chain.

As it turns out, Marianne kept it for herself and, in this sketch for RTÉ's 'Comic Relief', she returns it with a little help from the Hot Priest - AKA Andrew Scott - from 'Fleabag'. The sketch takes place inside a confessional box, wherein Connell admits to himself and Hot Priest that he's causing pain to the one he loves, which sure enough, Hot Priest can relate to.

Meanwhile, Marianne joins in the middle of the confessional from the other side and opens with - you guessed it - a complete repudiation of the Catholic Church as a patriarchal, outmoded facet of Irish society that has no bearing on her life whatsoever. All of which prompts Hot Priest to wonder why she's there in the first place.

The sketch, however, ends with a rendition of 'Baby, Can I Hold You Tonight' from Tracey Chapman by all three. Interestingly, however, that part of the sketch wasn't uploaded to Twitter for all to see. Is it the fact that the very idea of Paul Mescal, Andrew Scott and Daisy Edgar-Jones singing one of the all-time great love songs could break the internet?

Probably. The sketch, as well, was written by Colin McPherson with Lenny Abrhamason back to direct the sketch.

 You can check out the full sketch right here. You can also make a donation here as well.