Nearly a year after the biggest TV series of 2020 wrapped filming, we've finally been given a behind-the-scenes glimpse of some funny moments shared by the two leading actors.

It looked like co-stars Paul Mescal and Daisy Edgar-Jones had a lot of fun filming their drama series if these 'Normal People' bloopers are anything to go by. Well, while filming around Sligo at least.

The drama series starts out in the town of Carricklea, Co. Sligo - but given that this is a fictional town, the majority of filming was done in Tubbercurry. However, it seems that another location that might have been used for filming was the village of Ballinafad. The two lead actors shot some pretty hilarious dialogue while driving through it in their production car.

Taking to her Instagram account recently, Edgar-Jones uploaded a minute and a half blooper reel of herself and her co-star having a laugh, with Mescal providing a rather posh accent for the occasion. In her post, she also thanked the actor for providing some amusement for the pair of them.

She wrote: "I can’t actually believe it is around a year ago today that we wrapped on NP, and what a year it has been. Thank you to all the lovely fans of our show, your support means so much to us. Thank you to everyone who made this series what it was and for giving me the most wonderful memories and my best friends.

"Thank you to Paul Mescal for amusing me so much with your Christmas jumper and for being such a brilliant acting partner and best pal."

Mescal later replied to the video, saying: "Taking ourselves incredibly seriously."

Have a watch of the 'Normal People' bloopers below.

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