Now there's a turn up for the books. If you're having trouble placing Stephen 'Noelie' Clinch, you obviously missed the infamous scene from the last season involving Fran, the prison, and the pool cue.

The 49-year-old Love/Hate regular has been questioned in Store Street Garda station. Himself and another man were allegedly detained after an armed robbery in a Dublin pub (The Living Room sports pub in Findlater Street to be exact), at 9:30am yesterday morning.

According to The Herald: "Sources said that a sum close to €50,000 and a handgun were recovered from the scene. A senior member of management of the business told the Herald: 'I can't commend the staff highly enough. It was a very tense situation. I was in the middle of it all too and we had them restrained when the Gardai arrived'."

Seemingly Clinch and his 43-year-old "career criminal" co-raider threatened staff with a gun when they entered the premises, in an attempt to steal the weekend takings. That didn't turn out to well for them as they proceeded to be chased by "nine members of staff."

One of the aforementioned staff members said of the incident: "This was a good lesson for the criminals. These were two idiots."

The Living Room is owned by The Murray Group, which also own Fibber McGees. Don't be messing with them.
Via The Herald