Ah here, Gail and Mitch Leery had to be two of TV's hardest working parents dealing with the emotional rollercoaster that was Dawson's love life.

However it seems that when it came to Dawson's Creek's 20th anniversary reunion special in Entertainment Weekly this week, they didn't get the call.

Mary-Margaret Humes wasn't all too happy about it either, in fact, she was pretty hurt. Posting on Instagram:


Okay, so let me get this off my chest as the initial hurt has subsided just a bit...I send an enormous amount of love and shout outs to the thousands of followers messages and â?¤ï¸?’s that both @johnwesleyshippjr and I have read about being left out of @entertainmentweekly ‘s #dawsonscreek “reunion” photos. This was their choice...not ours...it was done behind our backs and we both were literally blindsided by it when we woke up yesterday in NYC and LA...we both did a short telephone interview after the fact but were never told about the reunion. For months I have been posting #behindthescenes photos to share my experiences of six years on this show...we were a #family & I know how much the photos mean to you from all the love you send me in comments...Yes, I do read them. Having said that... I will continue to post because yes, I have so much more to share. For the portion of our family that did appear in these photos...congratulations...you look great and I love you...I only wish I had been given the opportunity to have said it to your faces. Such a shame 😔 #moretocome ðŸ'Ÿâ˜®ï¸?

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Aw, dammit. We say do-over!